Purchase of scrap metal

Sargon acquires the following kinds of scrap metal:

  • stainless steel scrap
  • carbon steel scrap
  • nickel alloy scrap
  • non-ferrous metal scrap

Sale of scrap metal

Our company provides the customers with high-quality scrap metal of certified composition. We are equipped with specialist metal composition testing devices; combined with many years’ experience and qualified staff, we are able to execute even the most demanding orders.

We guarantee/offer:

  • always high prices for all raw materials,
  • precise and reliable analysis of the entrusted goods,
  • quickest and convenient service in the area of collection of scrap metal by our own vehicles,
  • provision of containers and tanks of different sizes,
  • issuance of waste transfer sheets,
  • for regular customers – an option to contract an agreed price, guaranteeing sale of the goods without concerns about fluctuations in raw material prices,
  • disassembly of industrial installations, machinery and devices scheduled for scrapping.

We have:

  • state-of-the-art NITON XL2 and NITON Xlt800 X-ray spectrometers – enabling quick and reliable analysis of chemical composition of the scrap metal,
  • electronic hanging scales with a capacity up to 6 tons – provided wherever there is no other option to weigh the goods,
  • electronic stationary scales with a capacity up to 3 and 6 tons,
  • 30-ton and 60-ton electronic weighbridges,
  • forklifts with a capacity up to 3 tons, with a turntable,
  • telescopic loader,
  • specialist SENNEBOGEN handler,
  • hooklift vehicle sets for transportation of scrap metal containers, 24-ton dump trucks,
  • containers with a capacity of 20-36 m3, open or with hatches – preventing theft of scrap metal at a container placement location,
  • tanks of different sizes and types, depending on the needs of our Customers.

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